Hi, I’m Nick.

I’ve helped many people move on from anxiety, depression, insomnia and sleep issues, fears and phobias, and many other emotional and physical concerns.

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“Thanks to Nick, I feel a zillion times more ready to take on life!”
– NM from Nth London

“Just on the train into work, reading, so relaxed, calm and centred.
I’m enjoying this inward exploration of myself, I’m remembering now who I am. I’d forgotten.
Thanks for helping me do that.”

    – J.B. from Hastings

Relaxed, Calm and Centred

“I came to see Nick a few years ago about a few things I had on my mind and I was struggling with. I didn’t know much about hypnotherapy but over time I came to realise it’s about finding a short to access things that are holding you back in your own mind”

Confidence and Self Esteem