A little bit about me

AFTER A difficult time IN MY LIFE AND being forced to face My OWN DEMONS, I REALISED HOW hard it was to turn around negative thought patterns and behaviour. It was fascinating, and yet debilitating.

And I made a promise to myself, that when I came through the back of whatever it was I was going through, I would learn about it, and study how to help others, should they be experiencing the same confusing, restricting feelings.

I researched how and why I reached lows that I did, and that path led me to hypnotherapy.  Whilst my experience of mental illness will forever allow me to have a sensitive ear to people’s concerns, my study and my continual professional development gives me a concrete understanding of how to help people create change in their lives.

While at the renowned Clifton Practice in London, I studied under the most influential teachers of Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy and Positive Psychotherapy in Europe, and after qualifying as a clinical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, I opened practices in Clerkenwell and Barbican and Belgravia.

In 2015, I was invited to become the Director of Research at the National Board of Modern Psychotherapy and I was invited to work as an ‘in-house’ hypnotherapist at a leading global advertising network in their London office.

Now I focus my time into my Clerkenwell practice, seeing people go from strength to strength watching them build their confidence that increasingly bolsters their self-esteem, and helping them to achieve those things that they want to do.

It’s grown for me from an interest into a passion. It’s a great feeling, knowing that experiencing my own difficult times had a reason.

If you would like some help, post me some details in my contact form and we can discuss how I can help you start to make a change in your life too.