How Chronic Stress Changes The Brain, And What You Can Do To Reverse The Damage…

During times of (sometimes prolonged) acute stress and sensory overload, it is important to be aware of ‘long-term’ health so that we don’t start down the road of chronic stress.
Under stress we tend to drop all those healthy activities that were serving us so well in favour of more unhealthy ones that may give us more instant gratification.

“I haven’t turned on the news or read anything about the virus in 4 days”, said a recent online client (who was taking all precautions necessary) – “I feel so much better and more on top of things”.

Obsessing about anything doesn’t make us more able to cope, just more able to move into chronic stress states, enhancing those negative symptoms we were once moving away from.

These difficult times will at some point pass, but try not to add to your existing concerns by letting go of what IS healthy for you in the longer term.

Here’s a few tips outside of those suggested in the article attached that can help –

1. Ignore news for 24 hours, (or TV altogether!)
2. Minimise phone use (social media) and online articles
3. Avoid conversations about current events
4. If you need to receive updates, set an alarm for when to go online, and when to come offline

I imagine you are taking all precautions and more at this time and an additional 20 hours of information and updates won’t really help you any further.
But damage you it might.
Taking some time away will be more healthy for you than repeating information, getting further involved in the sensationalisation of events and increasing unhealthy behaviours.


Click link below for Neuroscience News article –


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