Fears Aren’t Always What You Think…

Many people are often surprised that fears and phobias are not what we think them to be.
Take flying.
Often you think that a fear of flying makes no sense – ‘I used to love travelling’ you can hear yourself saying, unable to understand the cause for this new concern.
Intellectually, it makes complete sense to fear flying – after all, what could be more absurd to the human state than taking to the skies?
But day-to-day our rational minds can make sense of this phenomenon of flight knowing that we will be safe, and we adjust accordingly.
We have the ability to deal with stressors by subconsciously weighing up options and knowing that we will be fine.


When you are in a state of general stress in your life you will often find yourself on high alert and you can then start to struggle more with stressors and triggers.
And flying?
Well, that’s a biggy.
That’s why this is a major fear.
THE ANSWER? Well, that lies not in the next flight, but in your current life.
When you experienced that first awful flight you were more than likely in a higher state of general stress BEFORE you boarded that plane. The flight was the trigger, and a very convincing one at that.
And since? Well, you strengthen that misdirected belief each time you tell yourself that it’s the plane that is the issue. The more you say it, the more you believe it.
But, in time and with work they can reduce, and soon enough you’ll find yourself applying that factor 20 and sipping that ice cold freshly squeezed mojito once again.

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