I Can Help With…

If you would like to reduce levels of anxiety, move forward from low moods, improve your sleep patterns, lose weight, conquer any phobias or fears, or just generally feel more confident, motivated and happy then I can help you.

Together, we’ll be future focussed, working to get you from where you are, to ideally where you want to be, in the briefest time possible.

More than that, your long term change will give you the ability to go on living your life in the manner you choose.

Sleepless Nights

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is one of the best known methods to help with sleepless nights or disruptive sleep patterns. Sleep is one of the most important elements of our bodily functions. It can, however, be one of the first factors to develop into a problem when we are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, and disturbed … Continue reading Sleepless Nights

Weight Concerns

Generally, there is an underlying reason behind weight gain; stress. Stressful concerns in life can create unwanted negative emotions, affecting your minds powerful ability to exercise levels of more positive, self-control… In turn, this can affect what you are eating, when you’re eating it, and the amount you eat (sometimes without you even knowing it). So, how … Continue reading Weight Concerns


It’s considered by many neuro-scientists that the conscious part of our brain (the part that interacts with the world and the people in it), has an incredibly small capacity to be able to problem solve and be creative, and that this conscious part is microscopic in its abilities compared to its sister, the subconscious. The … Continue reading Creativity

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is much more than “shyness”. It can be intense fear and anxiety over simple everyday activities, such as shopping or speaking on the phone. Many people sometimes worry about certain social situations, but someone with social anxiety disorder will worry excessively about them before, during and afterwards. They fear doing or saying … Continue reading Social Anxiety

depression lonely bench


Depression can be a very lonely place, even if you’re surrounded by people who care. It can have an extremely debilitating effect on your personality, your emotions, and sometimes it can feel like it’s not just you that it’s affecting. Depression can cause you to feel unable to move on, you can feel left out there, alone, not … Continue reading Depression

Phobias and Fears

rational Phobic responses are our body’s natural way of telling us that we are approaching, or We are in, a dangerous situation. The issue is when thoughts become irrational – when we perceive a threat that isn’t real, or when we become hypersensitive to threat because of an overload of stressors from other areas of … Continue reading Phobias and Fears


Confidence is one of the first things that can take a dive when a person is not quite feeling themselves. Unfortunately, when we lack in confidence, we can stop doing the things we love to do like visiting our friends, going out to clubs or spending time with our loved ones. When our confidence takes … Continue reading Confidence


ANXIETY COMES ON WITH A SICKENING FEELING… That won’t be new news to most – but not only can anxiety make us feel physically sick, it can bring on a more constant, fearful worry for those things in life we once dealt with quite easily. These feelings, left unattended, can sometimes also lead us towards a … Continue reading Anxiety

Sports Performance

In terms of sporting excellence, stress can have an enormous effect on the ability to perform at our absolute best… Peaking; mental stability during performance; pre-competition recuperation; aerobic physical conditioning coupled with mental endurance; explosive anaerobic training efforts – these are just a few of the goals that as sportspeople we try to get right, … Continue reading Sports Performance