That won’t be new news to most – but not only can anxiety make us feel physically sick, it can bring on a more constant, fearful worry for those things in life we once dealt with quite easily. These feelings, left unattended, can sometimes also lead us towards a panic attack.


Often anxiety can affect our sleep too – perhaps you’ve found it difficult to even drop off at night with your head spinning with worries, or maybe it contributed to you having woken up once, twice, many times throughout the night, leaving you feeling exhausted the following day and therefore struggling even further to deal with life’s eventualities.


But is doesn’t have to be like this forever.
Helping people move on from anxiety is something that I specialise in.
Firstly, it’s important for you to understand why you’re suffering with these concerns from a neurological and biological standpoint; what we know, over what we think we know. The physical side to anxiety and the mental processes that trigger the subsequent symptoms you may be struggling with can be explained quite simply. It’s the reasons behind these mental and physical processes that need to be worked through to help you get to where you want to be. These reasons, left unattended, can continue to affect our mental state,  and the negative symptoms are maintained, and may even worsen.

The suffering of anxiety can leave you in a place where your confidence becomes further knocked, your self esteem begins to drop, self-trust in decision making begins to wane, and an increasing amount of worry and doubt starts to enter your world.

When we become anxious, we can fear either the situation we find ourselves in at that moment, we fear an outcome we may have imagined, or we have a lack of understanding (and therefore increased avoidance), in situations we may be entering into. We can sometimes catastrophise situations – imagining ourselves or loved ones in poor health or even being hurt, which can be deeply disturbing.

I can help you gain control of these thoughts, help you overcome those feelings, and help you ease your stresses and anxieties in order for you to cope with whatever life has in store, and for you to go on living your life in a confident, productive way.

Work meetings, motorway driving, socialising or public speaking are just a few examples of situations that can be affected by heightened feelings of anxiety and can often go on to create panic in our minds, but although these may be a contributor to the negative state, they are not always the reason.

Anxious feelings can begin to take over our day-to-day life, affecting each area of normality in a negative way. This is a different situation to having a single stress response to a particular situation and then everything calming down to a comfortable baseline – anxiety is the feeling that comes when there is a constant switching on/off of that system, that system becoming increasingly sensitive, and then struggling to find a hold on all those other things in life we could once deal with quite easily; relationships, health and exercise routines, socialising, work, to name but a few.

If it wasn’t enough that this debilitating concern can have us feeling sick and in a heightened state of worry, we can sometimes also be struggling with many other symptoms arising from this disorder – increased heart rate, blushing, excessive sweating, IBS, brain fog, a lack of decisiveness, or sometimes you can even find yourself moving into an increased level of repeated behaviour such as skin picking, hair pulling, over-checking, or raised fear levels with our health or the health of others.

But anxiety doesn’t have to be lived with, accepted or suffered from. You CAN move on from it, and move on with your life, leaving your natural stress response system ticking over in the background in perfect working order without you having to give it any thought.

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