Confidence is one of the first things that can take a dive when a person is not quite feeling themselves.

Unfortunately, when we lack in confidence, we can stop doing the things we love to do like visiting our friends, going out to clubs or spending time with our loved ones. When our confidence takes a knock, the world can feel as if it’s closing in on us and unfortunately, we don’t always know what to do about it.

I can help you get it back.

And as well as boosting your long-term confidence we’ll raise your levels of self-esteem, getting you back on top of things.

When our confidence is low, we can start to focus on the negative aspects of our lives. If we are asked if we have had a nice day we can often be heard saying “not really” or “I’ve had a rubbish day at work”.

We can start to feel the need to remove ourselves from society, believing we have nothing to offer in a conversation. Afraid of being asked “so, how are you?”, or ”so what have you been up to?”

We can fall into old, damaging patterns of behaviour, telling ourselves that ‘I am’ this, or ‘I have’ that, in order to rid ourselves of accountability, setting ourselves away from the issue in order to grapple for some distance between ourselves.

When we globalise the negative aspects of our week we can begin to feel ourselves tumbling downward, spiralling our minds in a southerly direction which can lead to more feelings of low, depleted levels of confidence.

It’s one of the most important things in life and we all need a little confidence from time to time, to help us deal with whatever life has in store for us. Some may need a little more than others and that’s only because we have forgotten just how confident we can naturally be.

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