Depression can be a very lonely place, even if you’re surrounded by people who care. It can have an extremely debilitating effect on your personality, your emotions, and sometimes it can feel like it’s not just you that it’s affecting.

Depression can cause you to feel unable to move on, you can feel left out there, alone, not wanting to explain to family or friends who may not understand what you’re feeling.

You may even choose to be left out, not wanting to burden them with your negative feelings, unable, perhaps not willing, to motivate yourself to find change, to see the good things in life. To find a way out.

This is where Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy can help you create change.

By being aware of the reasons why we can feel like this, we can start to make a change. A shift in perspective. Hope of a new road.

Having a greater understanding for the reasons of low mood or depression through the latest findings in neuroscience will help you begin to move forward right away. From here, we’ll begin to create immediate, short term change, bed in long term change, and improve your functional ability to repeat these changes, allowing you to go forward, living your life in the manner you wish.

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