Phobias and Fears

rational Phobic responses are our body’s natural way of telling us that we are approaching, or We are in, a dangerous situation. The issue is when thoughts become irrational – when we perceive a threat that isn’t real, or when we become hypersensitive to threat because of an overload of stressors from other areas of our lives…

Rational Fears are known in a ‘Specific Phobic Responses’, in therapy. Specific life threatening situations which can create templates in our minds; negative experiences embedded in our subconscious. Whenever we move toward the same situation again, the brain says “no thanks”, and puts our body into flight or fight mode in order to run away from the situation. A perfect survival mechanism.

When, however, we worry about a plane flight, travelling on the underground, getting in a lift, driving on the motorway, or many other ‘potential threats’, where control is out of our own hands and in the hands of another,  we can find ourselves reacting as if we were actually there. And physically responding as if our lives depended on it, even when we are not there.

This is seen as an irrational fear, or ‘Non-Specific Phobic Response’, to give it it’s technical term.

The good news is, both situations can be changed, residual emotion can be dissipated, and normality can resume.

Through hypnosis, we will work on de-arousing your fear response by diminishing emotion attached to any event that causes a negative emotion, and we will diminish levels of stress in other areas of life, giving you ‘spare capacity’ to cope with future events.

In the initial consultation, we will go through your presenting concerns, and how they are affecting you in your day-to-day life. From here I will explain the latest developments in neuroscience (brain-based research), and how our flight/fight response can easily flick that ‘on switch’, to fire up our escape system. Importantly, I will explain how we will begin to re-wire your brains connections in order to get this debilitating concern under control.

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