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In terms of sporting excellence, stress can have an enormous effect on the ability to perform at our absolute best…

Peaking; mental stability during performance; pre-competition recuperation; aerobic physical conditioning coupled with mental endurance; explosive anaerobic training efforts – these are just a few of the goals that as sportspeople we try to get right, but to get there we need to experience times that are challenging – times when sometimes things don’t go to plan.

Low points within that journey we make to be at our best can create temporary psychological hurdles and can either make a sportsperson push on to greater achievements, or fall back through mental exhaustion and negativity.
Missing PB’s regularly, or not reaching necessary durations of intensity for our sports are just a couple of examples that can be psychologically draining, which can in turn lead to an altered physiological performance, sometimes making us question our abilities and therefore feeling even lower.

If you would like to maintain your abilities, improve on what you may currently consider to be your ceiling level, or if you’re just looking for that little bit of motivation to get up and get out, Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy (SFH), can offer you that edge you are striving for.

We all know that we should be staying positive, and we should be reminding ourselves of our successes, but in the midst of a game, match, race, swim meet or training session, even that 5k park run, how many of us have written off performance early on with reasons such as “it’s just not my day”, or “I’ll never make it”?

Evaluating your abilities is not the thing to do whilst you’re experiencing this low point, but away from the game a tremendous amount of work can be done to understand why we get like this and how we can overcome it, and by getting yourself mentally on the upward spiral your confidence will rise, and this will begin to show in your physical output.

‘Good Levels’ of stress can help in producing optimum physical and psychological shape, but ‘Unwanted Stress’ causes muscle tension; it can effect your digestion; it can diminish your motivation and can have you thinking “I Can’t”, as opposed to “I CAN, I WILL”.

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy can have a major impact in improving or restoring performance by allowing you to take control of your stress levels, and to adequately prepare you mentally for that edge you’re looking for.

Three of the keys areas to focus on are – Confidence, Creativity. Clarity.


Knowing you’re good at what you do and maintaining that level will give you motivation to get even better, and to re-build even faster after an off season drop in intensity, or following injury


When you become motivated to work harder you become creative, finding additional techniques to help you improve what you can already do and sharpening your ability to be creative with your decision making processes


Through a greater understanding of additional techniques and your own strengths, you find what works and what doesn’t, helping you to focus your training in the areas that constantly give you the best results, giving you that winners edge.

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