Weight Concerns

Generally, there is an underlying reason behind weight gain; stress.
Stressful concerns in life can create unwanted negative emotions, affecting your minds powerful ability to exercise levels of more positive, self-control…

In turn, this can affect what you are eating, when you’re eating it, and the amount you eat (sometimes without you even knowing it).

So, how can we change this?

Under stress, the body creates cortisol, our natural stress regulating hormone. Too much, or prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream leads to, among other things, weight gain.

Stress and worry, even in small amounts, can cause an imbalance in our appetite regulating hormones.

Newly published research states that ‘stress raises levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin’; two hormones responsible for regulating your appetite.

Ghrelin – The “I’m hungry” hormone.
This hormone creates the desire to eat. Generally, this happens when the body requires fuel giving you that ‘hungry feeling’.

Leptin – The “I’m full” hormone.
This hormone tells the body to stop eating as we have consumed enough energy for the body to function.

When these two hormones are out of sync we can feel hungry when we’re not hungry, and sometimes we struggle to know when enough is enough. So we eat when we shouldn’t and we just can’t stop.

We may not even know we’re doing this as over time, we’ve created a negative behavioural habit; a go-to, and automatically we can find ourselves searching through that drawer or cupboard where we keep food products such as biscuits, chocolate, sweets or cakes, giving us a level of instant gratification, but perhaps not so beneficial long-term.

At London Hypnotherapy, we’ll work to get your hunger hormones re-balanced, as well as strengthening the necessary parts of your brain that exercise self-control and discipline. We’ll work out where your stress levels are too high and we’ll work to lower them, naturally and efficiently, in order for you to gain back that control over what you eat and when you eat it, and allowing you to find that weight point that you feel happy with.

Diets, their importance and why sometimes they don’t work…

There are many different diets within the market place offering you a way to ‘lose weight quickly’.
Understanding the difference between a healthy way to eat, and an unhealthy way is important and fundamental. But these days most people are aware of what healthy eating is in general, so why is it then that when we have this information to hand, we still struggle to exercise it? Often people try many diets which offer a lot of promise, and initially they can show some progress.

But, in time, the root cause of the concern or concerns come back into play and you can find yourself more often than not right back where you began. Sometimes feeling guilty, increasing more negative thoughts and can leave us in a worse state than before.

Using scientific research from the latest findings in neuroscience, we can work to help you get on top of those concerns, have greater control over those behaviours, and to get you moving forward to the place you would like to be.

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