How I Helped Julia With Her Anxiety

“I first went to see Nick after a trusted friend raved about how much he had helped him at a difficult time. I remember my first words to Nick when I spoke to him were ‘I think I need to rewire my brain’. I was feeling stuck in my life. I also wanted to lose weight but had an inkling that I should focus on being happier or at least more optimistic, and the rest would follow. My weight issue was a symptom, not the cause.”

I approached Julia’s* case with an understanding of the need, firstly, for her to build her confidence, self-esteem and stability, giving her the platform to deal with day-to-day concerns.
She applied herself 100% to the process, which was key to her progress, and over time was able to establish this stability, regardless of the difficult, extrinsic challenges she faced.
We worked together to strengthen her goal setting capabilities, and her ability to push on with things that were previously difficult to get going, dissolving procrastination and building her motivation. When her confidence levels grew she began to stretch her abilities, bringing exercise into her weekly routine, sometimes daily, and continues to reach some very impressive heights. Assisting her to become further aware of her strengths and capabilities continually drives her on to bigger and better things.

“I had previously had a short-lived and unconvincing experience with hypnotherapy, but Nick couldn’t have been more different. He first explained his approach, the idea of neuroplasticity and how the sessions would work. He immediately put me at ease, creating an informal environment of trust and dialogue, in which I could be relaxed, open and honest. I quickly started seeing an improvement and soon noticed I was smiling more.

The sessions can be demanding but they’re always rewarding and have allowed me to make changes in my life by questioning old habits I had stopped noticing and focusing on the things I have some control over that affect my mood.

The hypnosis element of the session is always on point (sometimes freakishly so!) and its positive effects are pretty immediate.

I’ve learnt to accept that this isn’t a linear process, that I can still have ups and downs but that I’m better at dealing with the downs, at acknowledging them, understanding what prompted them, and doing things that will allow me to bounce back more quickly. I’ve become more resilient and self-aware.

I think it’s fair to say my sessions with Nick have consistently been one of the highlights of my week and have made a massive difference in my life.

The fact that I managed to remain (fairly) calm throughout the shit show that started in 2016 is a testament to just how good Nick is. I can’t imagine how I would have managed without him.

I also lost 4 stone.”

* Names have been changed.

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