How I Helped Jim with Weight Loss

“I went to Nick with a specific issue – my fluctuating waistline…”

When Jim (name changed) came to me with concerns over his weight we discussed the approach of working with the brain in order to re-balance the hormones that control appetite. Initially, Jim felt challenged by this, as this was an unconventional method of dealing with weight and one he had never experienced before. After discussing the science behind how and why our weight levels can fluctuate, as well as links to feelings of anxiety and low mood, he was keen to get going to see how it would make a difference.

Looking at other concerns in his life raised a few issues that he was finding tricky to deal with, leading him to feel a little ‘lacking in control’, which spilled out into other areas in his life, including that of his eating habits.

Jim made many fantastic changes by being open, committed to the process and adopting the more indirect approach, initially with understandable caution but still with a great willingness in effort. I am happy to say he continues to maintain his improvements, setting new goals and making positive changes in his life.

“We started by sorting out my brain first, then general wellbeing and happiness second and finally helping me rethink my ingrained food and eating habits. This all seemed a counter-intuitive way of sorting my diet problem, but it works. Nick knows the brain, helps you rewire your thinking, empowering you to get on with sorting out your own issues, at your pace, on your terms (yet he won’t take any crap). He’s a great listener and also a nice bloke which makes the process more of a pleasure than a pain. This is no easy quick-fix answer but totally worth putting in the effort for a long-term solution and life-long change.”

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