With Patience and Persistency, comes Progress…


Whilst this may not be everyone’s progress line, this is a line that is attainable for many.

Measuring outcomes is a way of tracking progress, and is equally as useful for client feedback throughout the course of sessions taken as it is for the therapist (me in this case), to monitor changes.

What is typical of this line is how initially Point A can feel like progress is very slow and can feel as if little is improving for the client.
Equally at this point, any understanding of potential and the possibility of attaining that 60-70 zone is almost impossible due to ‘Point A thinking’.

Point B is also a dip often seen, as is Point D further into sessions. This is often when you encounter greater, more regular levels of confidence and self esteem and you begin, in your own time, to tackle those difficult to deal with, possibly long held, concerns.
But working your way into that 60-70 margin is entirely achievable.

This is the outcome monitoring system I use within my practice, and these markers are recorded by the client alone, with absolutely no input from me. For complete transparency, each person comes with their own markers; from start point to mid-point to end, and each line is unique.

Where many cease to continue sessions is generally at Point A or Point B, and understandably so, as we all want that straight line progression from ‘where you are’, to ‘where you want to be’ (Point C), in the shortest possible time, even if you know that it may not be that simple.

This particular client and I discussed at length what could have happened had they stopped at Point A/B, what would have been the projected outcome if they had, and whether they thought it had benefited them to keep going.

Client Testimonial:

“When I first approached Nick, I was feeling completely overwhelmed at work and unable to cope with the anxiety and stress that was brought on as a result. I had struggled with waves of anxiety before, but had found a way to just about get through it, however, I knew at some point this had to change. It had got to the point that my struggles were affecting my performance at work – having to walk (run) out of a meeting at work due to a panic attack made me realise I needed to get help.

Throughout my time working with Nick, I began to understand the causes of my anxiety, and through focusing on the positives, on the things that energise me and bring peace and happiness, I was able to begin to bring down my levels of stress and anxiety to manageable levels. The focus on taking it step-by-step and making small and incremental changes to my work and personal life really helped to make it feel possible to feel better.

The process has been overwhelmingly positive and I feel so much better equipped to handle challenges that come my way. I feel calm and composed in situations that used to fill me with dread and anxiety. When I feel myself starting to worry, I feel equipped with the right tools to bring myself back to state of composure rather than react with a ‘fight or flight’ instinct.

The journey is by no means over, but working with Nick has given me the understanding and knowledge to be able to deal with my anxiety on my own. I feel so much more motivated at work and happy in my daily life as a result – thanks so much Nick!”     – G.I. from West London


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