"Before seeing Nick I had tried a couple of different types of therapies that never seemed to help me." "My husband found Nick's details online and suggested I book and see him as he is a hypnotherapist and I was open to seeing a different kind of therapist and went along to an introductory session. … Continue reading “I am able to press the play button and move forward in a positive, more confident way…”

“I am able to press the play button and move forward in a positive, more confident way…”

Nick’s method is so simple but so amazingly effective. He is literally a life saver because I don’t know how long my son could have coped with the pain he was suffering with.  He had sunk so low, but the difference in him now - AMAZING!! I feel so happy and so blessed to have … Continue reading Lena and Tom – Our Journey Through Pain…

Lena and Tom – Our Journey Through Pain…

"Just on the train into work, reading, so relaxed, calm and centred. I'm enjoying this inward exploration of myself, I'm remembering now who I am. I'd forgotten. Thanks for helping me do that."     - J.B. from Hastings

Relaxed, Calm and Centred

"Thank you for making me enjoy life again. I could never repay you."     - S.Z. from Wimbledon

Thank You

"Nick runs some excellent Hypnotherapy sessions. Good, solid help for whatever you're having issues with. He's a top bloke too, very friendly. I'd not tried hypnosis before and it worked in ways I wasn't expecting."     - S.B. from North London

Top bloke, very friendly

"Nick’s friendly voice is the is the first thing you notice about him, and this voice, along with his knowledge and professionalism, gives you a deep sense of confidence and trust in him."     - S.J.  from Battersea

Friendly and Professional

"From my sessions with Nick, I now see myself differently – positive, cheerful and able to move forward from the stuck place I was. I am very grateful for these experiences."     - S.E.  from London

Grateful for the Positive Feeling

"Nick’s gentle and calming words lead me into a deep relaxation whilst on the couch and afterwards this feeling, along with a greater feeling of positivity, stays with me through the week ahead."     - M.B.  from New Malden

Feeling Positive

"I have been working with Nick for several months now and find him to be extremely professional, supportive and motivational. Each of our sessions were positive and enjoyable and  I began to feel the benefits almost straight away, and continue to do so now. With Nick's help and support I have become more positive and self confident, managing to deal with my negative self beliefs once and … Continue reading No More Negativity

No More Negativity

"Nick has allowed me to become a more positive and resilient person. I struggled with high levels of anxiety and occasional panic attacks, I had tried other therapies but had not found a solution. I also struggled with IBS and have found my symptoms are improved as my stress and anxiety has decreased. After my … Continue reading Sleeping Better Than Ever

Sleeping Better Than Ever