“Before seeing Nick I had tried a couple of different types of therapies that never seemed to help me.”

“My husband found Nick’s details online and suggested I book and see him as he is a hypnotherapist and I was open to seeing a different kind of therapist and went along to an introductory session. I wasn’t sure what to expect of a hypnotherapy session, but Nick made me feel very at ease and able to speak about myself and my life with zero judgement which made things easy from the start.
I knew nothing about hypnotherapy before attending my first session so was quite surprised when I was told I would be laying down and closing my eyes in our sessions! Whilst this was strange the first time (as it was new and unknown to me), it soon became second nature and I actually looked forward to the part of the session where I got to shut my eyes, slow my thoughts down and relax!
I initially went to see Nick to help with a recent fear of flying as well as general anxiety and he definitely helped me in both areas as I have since got on a flight for the first time in over a year and also experience significantly less anxiety in my day to day life.
What I didn’t expect was for Nick to help me in other areas of my life that I didn’t even realise I wanted to work on; my life felt like it was on pause for some time and I feel, with Nick’s help, I am able to press the play button and move forward in a positive, more confident way.”

“I am very grateful to Nick for our sessions together and all the great work we did! I would recommend him to other people who are experiencing challenges and feel they need a kind, helping hand!”

“K.B. from Essex”

“I am able to press the play button and move forward in a positive, more confident way…”