The Sum of the Parts…

Often, the sum of many small parts can add up to a whole lot more than you first thought…

Here’s a terrible analogy that I squeeze the life out of for what it’s worth…

You want to create a wave on the other side of the lake; a rolling flow of water moving in the direction that you want it to go.
But standing here, on this side of the lake, the water is still and flat.
You pick up a pebble and throw it in… what happens?

A ripple.

Great, there’s a start, but not a wave doth maketh (not sure why I’ve gone all Shakespearen here, but still).
Eventually the ripple dissipates and we’re back to a flat, unmoving body of water.
It takes a bit of effort once again to pick up another pebble and hurl it in again (and who knows when you’ll find the energy for that, right?).

But now imagine – as that first pebble lands (and before the ripple flattens out), another follows.
Then another.
And another.

Suddenly, you’re creating momentum. A ripple, becoming ripples. Flowing, joining, growing.
And it looks good, seeing that small wave taking shape.
And it starts to feel good, because it’s you who has done this.
And in time (the right time it takes for you), the pebbles get a little bigger, the frequency a little more often, and the possibility of that bigger wave now a little more real.

The way you think is no different.
When you think, cells in your brain (neurons) connect and they deliver information; one neuron sending info to the next, exciting or inhibiting it’s buddy, and then that too sends on a projection to yet another neighbouring neuron. But to get from to another, it needs to go over what is termed as a ‘hillock’. Once over the hillock the flow of information and energy rolls on, and is termed an ‘action potential’.

Brace yourself for another dreadful analogy…

‘Rolling a boulder up a hill is tough work alone – but many hands make light work’ – cue mental image of lots of people pushing a giant bolder up a mountain.

Once over the brow of the hillock, the boulder rolls on, or the wave begins to flow, and the info exchange between neurons becomes more constant, and the connection between them becomes a little stronger. Clusters of neurons, thousands, tens of thousands, millions of neurons (instead of just 1:1), begin passing on excitatory information, creating even more momentum, increasing progressive thinking which in turn drives the body into positive action.

Start small. Keep going with small. Be persistent and consistent with small.
Bigger things are to come.