What is Hypnotherapy?

Well, it may be easier to tell you what Solution Focused Hypnotherapy isn’t, first…

There is no pocket watch swinging, ‘look into my eyes’ gazing stage work, which we have seen so often as a form of entertainment; people running around like chickens, clucking every time someone mentions a certain word and having no control over their senses.
Hypnosis is far from that.
What it is, however, is a very relaxing, calming process.
A time when you are FULLY in control.
My focus as a therapist is to help you increase your levels of control, not reduce it: a greater control of your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions. My goal is to explore your potential for growth and learning and to create a favourable climate for you to begin to perform at your best in order for you to deal with life’s eventualities.

Why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

In the last ten years, neuroscience, with the aid of neuro-imaging (fMRI scanning), has evolved immensely and we now know more about how the brain functions than we ever have. With the aid of hypnosis (the brains natural state of emotional processing), we are able to re-establish and grow new, positive, neural connections, promoting long-lasting and healthy mental behaviour.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy covers a wide range of concerns and needs, but this is no ‘one pill fits all’ practice – each person is an individual, different, unique, and this will be factored into each session.

What Can I Expect From Each Session?

Your Initial Consultation
This face to face session is focussed on factual information: how you’re feeling and your current circumstances that may be affecting your emotional/physical responses in order to create a report on your current wellbeing. From here, we’ll discuss the neuroscience behind the latest findings of brain-based research, and importantly I will explain how we will use this scientific approach to help you to re-wire your thinking.

Helping you to create a more healthy brain.

Progress is measured from the outset, and new clients, even having been taken through the initial consultation, have often noted how they have begun to feel an immediate change. At the end of this consultation, you will be given a free recording  to help you make on-going, daily progress, and to prepare you for on-going sessions.

What to Expect
Progress isn’t linear; like life, not everything works on an upward trend. And initially, therapy is about learning how to side step, or cope with real life situations which can cause any number of unwanted feelings. We’ll also work on how you deal with these knocks if they can’t be avoided, and how to get yourself back on that upward trend in the shortest possible time.

But importantly, with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, we work with your subconscious from the outset. This isn’t a therapy that gives you a new set of tools and sends you on your way – far from it. We will work to imbed new, positive changes into your subconscious thinking, setting the tools into your mind where they can become ‘second nature’, and enabling you to deal with the stresses of life in the most effective way; like riding a bike, once you have it, you never lose it. It becomes part of you.

We call this Systemic Neuroplastic Change.

“When a brain is healthy, it automatically helps sort out what information is worth paying attention to…” – Norman Doidge. The Brains Way of Healing.